One shoe to rock them all…

Neutral Ripa Pump high heeled shoe

Ripa Neutral Pump $215

They say variety is the spice of life and I for one couldn’t agree more! But what happens when you’ve accidentally spent all your pay on spicing up your wardrobe (with all of this seasons AWESOME colour) and you forgot about dusting some of that spice over your shoe collection? Disaster, right?! Going barefoot for summer then? Nuh-uh, we have the solution! All you need is one pair: the neutral pump.
Neutral Ripa Pump Shoe

Ripa Neutral Pump $199

Neutral low heeled pump shoe

Ripa Neutral Low Pump $199

Whether it’s colour blocking you are adopting or going for a floral romantic vibe, one thing you will need is a neutral pump. Low heel, high heel, round toe or pointy, it really doesn’t matter.
This is one shoe to rock them all! There seriously isn’t anything this style of shoe won’t work with so do yourselves a favour and make your life a summer breeze!

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