Not all ballet flats are created equal

We know the search for the perfect ballet flat can sometimes feel like the eternal quest more aligned with that of  the Grail than a simple matter of picking out a new pair of kicks, however, DO NOT GIVE UP!! We are here to help with a few pointers to try and make it a bit easier.

Just remember, not all ballet flats are created equal…

Like a good pair of jeans, or the perfect leather jacket, ballet flats might take a little while to find and you will need to try many on to get to ones that fit just so but when you do, you will live in them and they will have been worth the wait and the investment.

So here we go….

  • Avoid a low cut in the front of the shoe if you have problem with where the matatarus bone connects to the proximal phalange (are you impressed with our technical speak??) or basically where your big toe connects to the rest of your foot, it’s usually where bunions pop out. Go for something higher cut where the seam sits above the joint so it doesn’t apply pressure and cause painful bone ache!
High cut ballet flat by cherri bellini $150

  • ALWAYS go for a good quality leather lining as well as a leather upper as this is what will allow the shoe to give and mould to your foot and allow your skin to breathe. This is the only way to avoid being torn to ribbons as you hopelessly try to break in synthetic shoes.
Super soft leather ballet flats by Marcopizzi $195

  • Keep trying. It’s not that ‘that style shoe just doesn’t suit me’, it’s just that you haven’t found the right pair yet. Every pair is different as is every brand and each size. Try, try and try some more…

  • When you have found your good quality leather upper and leather lined ballet flats, buy them firm. Quite firm in fact. A good quality leather should move quickly and easily once the warmth from your body starts to heat it up. The heat in your feet as you walk around will start to relax the leather almost immediately. If you buy good quality leather loose or just comfy to start with, you will be walking out of them on your second or third wear. So, go tight.

Firm to start with ballet flats by Marcopizzi $195

  • Finally, if you end up with a leather soled ballet flat (and this goes for all your shoes that have a leather sole), have a ‘Topy’ sole put on them at your trusted local shoe repairer. It’s a non-slip surface and incredibly durable. The rest of the shoe will fall apart before you go through a ‘Topy’ sole! They extend the life of your shoes and are worth every penny. They shouldn’t cost you more than around the $30 mark for a pair. Make sure you do it before the weather gets rainy as leather soles are slippery little suckers!

Good luck on your quest! :)


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