Happy 2012!

It’s that time of year when we are all thinking about resolutions and things we want to achieve through out the year.

We’ve heard the best way to stick to these goals we make in the first few days of January, in a flush of New Year’s after glow, is to break them down into bite sized pieces.

So if you’ve got a biggie, like ‘quit smoking’, or ‘lose weight’, then start with that but write down how you’re going to get there too. Be really realistic. Like, we mean really.

Don’t kid yourself that going cold turkey will work straight off. Maybe start with ‘I’m not going to smoke a cigarette with my morning coffee anymore’. Then in a month’s time when that’s under control, add in something else like, ‘Now I’m not going smoke in my car any more either ‘ and keep working up to it. Write it all down and plan it out too. Put it on a calendar even or in your diary. It takes the pressure off but lets you creep up on your goal and actually get there.

Same with everything else. Don’t kid yourself in all your good intentions and enthusiasm that you will keep up going to the gym everyday. Aim for twice a week. That’s realistic. Or maybe it’s not right now, maybe once a week is but it’s better than nunce! Slow and steady wins the race!

Most of the time it comes down to priorities too. You’ve got to want it. When I was into photography, once upon a time, I was whingeing to a friend of mine about how I ‘couldn’t afford film’ (yes, it was a while ago ok, pre-digi!) and how I’d ‘do more of it if I had more money’. He just looked at me and said ‘Funny, you can afford to have a beer here at the pub with me but yet you can’t afford the few dollars for film. That’s interesting, isn’t it?’ ….Ouch, he shot me! But he was right and I remember that to this day. Sometimes you’ve got to make a few sacrifices for the greater good and stop making excuses for yourself.

So yeah, don’t have that croissant every morning before work if you’re trying to save for a holiday. Take the money you spend on coffee every day and get a pedicure at the end of the week instead, if you want some more pampering in your life. Work a way around it, whatever it is!

Here at cherri we are writing lists. We’re calling these lists ‘In 2012 I will…’ They’ve got all sorts on them, from climbing Mt Lofty, to tandem skydiving, to getting to the dentist! And they’re long (better odds of achieving some of them at least!).

We’re sticking them up in our back room so we see them everyday and we keep each other on track.

What’s on your list this year and how are you going to get there?

Oh and here’s some photos of shoes, just in case you thought you were on the wrong blog! :D

Happy New Year everyone!

New ‘Criss’ laser cut leather ballet flats $185

New ‘Criss’ snake skin sandal $185

New ‘Criss’ Chanel style ballet flats $195


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