Pump it!

Ok this is a short but important lesson here ladies. Are you listening? Ok, cool, here goes….

Just because it’s a formal or light weight or strappy or short or summer dress DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO HAVE STRAPPY SHOES! 

It’s ok to want strappy shoes but its sooooo not your only option.

A closed or peep toe pump will always be a classy option with anything you are wearing. From jeans to lace frocks.  A pump will bring an element of sophistication and style to your flirty little dress. It’s the best way to temper a sexy little number with a splash of ‘seriously, I know what I’m doing here’.

Especially if you outfit has a busy pattern or texture, like lace, going on. Adding a strappy shoe to that can be overwhelming, it’s too much action! Opting for one block colour that is in the outfit, in a plain pump style,  will compliment the pattern instead of compete with it.

Here’s a few examples of ladies rocking some pumps and frocks from late last year….we are particularly lovin’ Emma Stone’s choice of colour pump.

Katie Cassidy at the CFDA Fashion Awards

Selena Gomez at the MTV movie awards

Emma ‘can’t go wrong’ Watson at the MTV Movie Awards

Emma Stone at the MTV Movie Awards

Lesson over ;)


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