Buon San Valentino!

Love it or hate it, it’s coming up to that time again…Valentine’s Day! Where it’s all about hearts and flowers and chocolates and the colour red….(sigh)…oh and LOVE! Yeah, that love stuff too.

As much as some of us swear we don’t think anything of it and it’s ‘all just a big commercial rip-off’ and a ‘Hallmark’ occasion, if we’re really honest with ourselves, deep down honest, there ain’t one of us ladies out there that doesn’t secretly wish that by the end of the day we might have some flowers delivered (and we’re secretly bummed when it doesn’t happen)!

Did anyone else’s Dad used to get them flowers for Valentine’s Day? Mine did. He would buy my sister and I single roses and sign them from ‘An Admirer’. Which was very, very sweet but it would get me every time as a had that flush of excitement of getting flowers on Valentines Day and wondering who they could possibly be from only to find out, yet again, it’s Dad. Bless him for the gesture though!

Anyway, here’s to celebrating a love affair that last forever…love of shoes!!! :)


And staying somewhat on theme, we can introduce you to cherri Rule number one – Red shoes are awesome.

More rules (our Gospel truths, if you like) to follow! :)

cherri bellini $130

Riccardo Banfi $295

Stefano Diomedi $250

cherri bellini $117

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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