Rule #1 – Red shoes are awesome

Rule number one in the list of cherri gospel truths – Red shoes are awesome.

This is just a fact that needs to be remembered when considering a new shoe purchase.

If faced with a choice of comparable shoes and you just can’t decide between the red or say the black, remember the rule and go red. Decision made. You’re welcome.

They will go with just as much as a black pair. No really, they will, they’re very versatile and sooo much more interesting! Treat them as you would a black shoe, throw them with anything and turn some heads!

For me the love affair started here, with way too much ‘Wizard of Oz’ as a kid.

I mean, LOOK AT THEM! How could you not want a pair of ruby slippers! Even if they weren’t magic, I’d still want some! So shiny and so….RED! The fascination has yet to wear off and I find myself drawn to red shoes to this day.

I’m not alone.

Celebrities love ’em too ….

Even the fabulous Miss Audrey Hepburn shows us how to work those ruby slippers in the movie ‘Funny Face’.

And when you conjure up the most extreme screen siren possible, what colour do you put her in? Oh yeah, you know it, it’s RED!

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See, absolute solid proof that red shoes are awesome.

Still not sure? I’ll let you take it up with this lady. ;)


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