Half way homework…

Well, we are well and truly past the half way mark of the year (already!! What the??) so we decided here at cherri that we would go through our ‘In 2012 we will…’ lists that we started at the beginning of the year.

As mentioned here, we did up lists of our new years resolutions, called them ‘In 2012 I will…’ and stuck them up in the back room in an attempt to actually stay on track for the year! Well, I gotta say I think it’s worked quite well!

Our rather battered looking lists..

There are more things crossed off the lists than we expected there would be and there are some still in the process and some we confess we have totally failed on.

But we have also discovered the trick is to have a lot of things on your list! Too few and you don’t get to use it as much and therefore it’s not as much fun. However it has definitely served as a source of motivation on more than one or two occasions.  I mean I’ve actually booked a dentist appointment and that’s only taken me 15 years to get around to and the list did play a part in that!

One big one on the list was for us to launch the new website now with added shopping cart  which we have FINALLY done! Yay!! Check us out –


Just one of the gorgeous new season shoes you’ll find there! Dyva $395

That’s a big one off the list!

So we are now doing some half way home work and re-looking at our lists and adding to them cos it’s worked so well. The new revised additions include things like ‘update my photo albums with actual printed out photos’ and ‘ save ANOTHER x-amount of dollars before December’.

How are you guys doin’ with your 2012 new year’s resolutions? Can you remember them?


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