You can’t deny a two-tone…EVER!

Some of you may remember a post where we declared a cherri house rule that ‘Red shoes are awesome’. Well here’s rule number two. ‘You can’t deny a two-tone. EVER!’.

This has been true for many, many years and has taken many, many shapes and forms, pretty much since the emergence of the now forever classic, Chanel ballet flat.

A two-tone is always striking, a little bit interesting and just more fun, really, than a block tone. Quiet often seen in relatively neutral incarnations such as black and white, beige and black, white and navy, etc, they remain easy to work back into many outfits. In fact we are going to go as far as to say, put them with ANYTHING and you will witness the truth that is ‘you can’t deny a two-tone.’ They just work.

Our most recent revival of the two-tone can be seen in the superbly awesome black and white brogue. Like these ones..

Pascucci $195

These are mine though, you can’t have these ones but you can get your own pair from us here. :)

The glory of the two-tone brogue dates well back but is probably most associated with the likes of Fred Astaire, like he is here, in all his glory with the lovely Rita Hayworth…

Or with fast and furious swing dancing like these guys…..

Luckily these days though you can rock some brogues without having to be an excellent dancer.

Here’s some ideas of what to sport your black and white’s with, but really  they are only limited by your sense of fun and the attitude you throw!

You could go pretty and lacey…

You could do the masculine thing like Twiggy in the 1970’s ( loves it, btw!)…

twiggy villeneuve brogues

Sleek and modern, no fuss no muss…

Or rock ’em on up with some boyfrienders and a leather jacket..

If you get really brave we recommend moving up a level and taking on these beauties!

Pascucci $195 

Even SJP is into them and she’s a girl who knows her shoes!

So there you go.

Rule 1. Red shoes are awesome

Rule 2. You can’t deny a two-tone. EVER!

More gospel to come. ;)


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