What to wear for the silly season

Everyone feels like a total social butterfly at this time of year. The invitations flow in, the weather means more outdoor soirees and well there are plenty of excuses to let our hair down and dress up! And we love to be the centre of attention, be it for our fabulous shoes, impeccable dress sense or perhaps that joke that we got from our dad (or maybe not). The one thing we don’t want attention for is for a dud outfit or the dreaded outfit repeat. *gasp*

The trick is dressing smart. Pick versatile pieces that can be easily transformed, say a dress that doubles as either a skirt or a top with some clever layering. This is the time to let your fashion taste shine – and literally too. Update any look with a bold statement necklace, a splash of sequins, a studded clutch and dramatic lipstick and glam your way though the office shindig, friends dinner and family lunch.

With your clothing set, you need to go for a shoe that will work hard for you, no matter the situation. Nude is the colour de jour for all this sparkle and shine, and the best thing is that it suits every outfit and will blend in with your skin tone and make your legs look super long! Here is our pick for the perfect nude shoe…

This is the best time of year for making statements – and the best way is with a beautiful stand out heel. Throw it on with a white dress, or even something else bright and enjoy the compliments rolling in. Here are our favourites, and maybe even an early Christmas present? ;)

Happy Holiday season everyone, and remember: the most beautiful thing you wear  is your smile, and a nice pair of shoes to put it there ;)

Love from the cherri girls x x


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