A state of resolution


New years: we came, we saw, we partied. Maybe a little more than was necessary, and we certainly didn’t need to have so many seconds for dessert around Christmas. However, it is the almighty time of the new years resolution to help make us all feel much better about ourselves at the thought of who we could be in one years time.

We cherri girls have each made a list which we will stick up in the staff room. Oh and we take it seriously! It acts as the visual reminder to keep on track. And, yeah, sometimes it means a friend telling you to lift your game or not to have that extra brownie. Once your write it down – you gotta stick to it! We also have these nifty weekly goals which will change each week, with little rewards to go along with them. Baby steps right? Every major goal or dream has steps to follow in order to achieve it. Put in a little effort to research them, write them down or even visualise them – and your dreams will be that much closer.

What do you want to achieve in 2013? High on our list is the hard to define state of happiness. Be happy: mind, body and spirit. Easy! ;)


new year

Happy 2013 from all the cherri girls x


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