Be My Valentine – A Deceleration of Love for Shoes


How do you feel about Valentines Day? We all claim we are over it, but do we still honour the tradition? I for one LOVE flowers. That doesn’t necessarily mean I get around the whole St Valentines Day thing… However, it is a good excuse to get dressed up, go out on a date, spend time with a significant other – or hang with the girls and lament/celebrate singledom. And nothing compares to the excitement of a special admirer! I once had an anonymous Valentines Day card in the post. It was the most exciting thing to happen to a pre-pubescent lass with braces and freckles. Until I discovered every other girl in year 10 had got the same one. Upon reflection, this was a pretty grand gesture from someone (I never found out who) and it did all make us feel a little bit special.

What will you be doing for the special (or not so special) day? Whether it’s a new date, well loved paramour or a night in, it is always nice to have an excuse to look smoking. Let this be your excuse to dress up and celebrate love and life, and for us girls – celebrate a love of shoes.

Here are our shoe loves of the moment (and in this case, it’s perfectly fine to have more than one!).

Chocola black cut out heel coral suede peep toe pump Dyva snake skin and patent heel

Happy Valentine’s Day! Feel like treating yourself? Shop online on our website now.

Love from the secretly-hoping-for-flowers cherri girls ;) x x


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