How To Wear: The Coloured Shoe

You’ve embraced the colourful busy print that is so popular this season and gone ahead and bought yourself a dress/top/skirt in one of these awesome prints. Now you need shoes. You’ve even managed to summon up the courage to go a bit crazy and get a coloured shoe to go with said print instead of going the safe black or neutral option. You found the dream shoe. You love it and it loves your dress/top/skirt. BUT – what else will you wear them with? Can you justify this seemingly limited shoe choice? Will they end up in the back of the wardrobe only to be dragged out only when you wear this one patterned garment?

Well, let us reassure you that YES, yes you can justify that gorge shoe because there are a myriad of other easy wears to rock a pop of colour this season and here’s how…

Example 1: The orange heel…


Print dress

Looks amazing!

But what else can you wear this statement shoe with?

Colour blocking:

orange dress orange heels

This is one of the easiest trends to work this season, with all that great colour in stores! The easiest way to think about colour blocking is by creating your outfit from blocks of colour in either tonally similar shades or opposite shades. Orange would also work beautifully with yellows, pinks and reds (near orange on the colour wheel) or pop against blues, greens and purples (colours which are opposite orange on the colour wheel). Or for a truly knock-out look try the head to toe look like this tangerine statement, keeping it simple with accessories and hair.

With jeans:


So easy! So comfy! Jeans go with everything. And yes, that includes your awesome new brightly heued shoes! If you don’t have a t-shirt with a flash of a similar colour to your shoes in it (like this navy shirt with a pop of orange) just go with something plain in either black, white or (you got it) a similar shade! Equally match an element of your accessories or make-up to your shoes, for colour that is not too over the top.

 Don’t like colour standing out too much?                                                   Connect it through with a nail polish or lipstick tone and a statement neck piece.


With a LBD:

black orange

Oh the little black dress! Which only looks amazing with black or neutral shoes right? WRONG! This is an ideal opportunity to work a colour pop, without even trying – or thinking! Work the colour through the accessories or just let the coloured shoes do all the talking. And let the compliments roll in…

Example 2: The green shoe…

Cherri_Sept_Heels-134print pants pumped shoes onlyAll white (…almost):

white pumped green

As we discerning fashionistas know, white is THE colour of the season (wait, does it count as a colour?). Whether colour or not, white is a great way to look chic and summer fresh, and what better way to work it, than with a coloured heel. The colour pop heel anchors the bright white colour and adds interest.

With boyfriend jeans:


The comfortable and casual look of boyfriend jeans is just screaming for a lady like heel! Denim is also the perfect opportunity to work in some colour because, and we have already mentioned this but it needs to be reiterated, denim goes with everything!

These ideas are the tip of the iceberg. Once you begin to look at your new coloured shoes differently, your wardrobe will become a gold mine of choice for colour blocking and amping up or down the colour factor of the shoes. Have some fun!

To grab yourself a pair of these beautiful bright shoes (or any of our other amazing Italian shoes) head on over to!

Love from the colour loving cherri girls

x x


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