How to wear loafers

how to wear loafers and drivershow to wear loafers

Curious to try this new staple shoe or have you already fallen in love with the loafer and looking for inspiration? We look at some of the easy ways to work your loafers and look cool while you do it! Comfort and style? Bring it on!

1. With Jeans


Tried and tested and still a hit fashion wise. Loafers and jeans love each other because they are both classics and they are both comfortable without looking sloppy. We love to pair our skinny jeans with a masculine inspired button up top to keep things neat and tidy – but think of all the possibilities! Blazers, tank tops, silky shirts, kaftans – the list is endless! Effortless style for shopping outings, coffee runs and in general looking great with minimal effort.

2. With dresses


The masculine style loafer will also look awesome when paired with feminine items such as silk dresses or cute skirts and t-shirts. Again with the whole effortless thing here – you will feel cool and casual with your loafers and dress combo and yet this look will take you anywhere from daytime to drinks, dinners and even events like garden parties.

3. With Harem pants


Harem pants are a great way to make a bold statement – pick a print or colour you love and wear them all year round. For example: maybe you need something casual but cool for the school run? Or even those days when you would rather be wearing pyjamas (but need to venture outside the house)? Loafers work with their cool aesthetic and keep you comfortable. Whether you go for a baggy pant or something more tailored (and dapper) you can’t go wrong throwing your loafers on with them too!

4. With something dressy


We are thinking this is a perfect look for hitting up the Fringe Festival on a warm balmy night that calls for something a little bit special but an outfit which is also practical. What a good excuse to get out some of those party dresses that often get overlooked when attending something a little more casual!

suede loafers Italian made

Riccardo Banfi $250

Riccardo Banfi $250

Riccardo Banfi $250

Head on over to our website here to check out our full range of Italian leather loafers and start your loafer styling!

Love the loafer totin’ cherri girls

x x


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