How To Wear Sneakers – Like A Grown Up

jeans and sneakers street styleWhen comfortable things become fashionable – you better believe they are worth their weight in style points. Like sneakers. No longer a fashion faux pas and now totally fair game for stylish dressers the world over. ‘Yeah right!’, we hear you saying, ‘I’m too old to wear sneakers out!’, but trust us, you are going to love us for helping you style this season’s essential shoe.

So – how do you wear sneakers (outside of the gym and in public) and still look like a lady? read on…

1. Keep the vibe casual. Think of wardrobe staples like jeans, cardigans, t-shirts and comfortable blazers.

2. Add a sleek hand bag or an oversized scarf depending on your mood.

3. Step up the game by pairing with dressy tailored items like trousers, sharp blazers, and dresses (and revel in being dressed up with super comfortable footwear).

4. No sportswear! Unless you are going for a sporty chic look, but this is super tricky to manage a classy twist on, so leave the leggings, hoodies and yoga pants for the gym.
black hightops

blazer and sneakersWhile-playing-her-kids-park-LA-Heidi-Klum-sported-blacktumblr_n84bz33j1c1r2jh6ao1_1280oversized cardi and jeansall blacklong coat sneakers

Here are our favourites in store right now. The leather on these also means they are more of a shoe (and less of a trainer), so they are easy to work in to your wardrobe! Try pairing yours with your trusty leather jacket.


Black leather high-tops, hand made in Italy by Keep.


Silver, perforated leather high-tops, hand made in Italy by Keep.

What are you waiting for? You’re ready to rock this look with style! Head on to to shop the selection!

Love the sneaker loving cherri girls

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How to wear ankle boots | Style guide

Okay – so there is a tonne of ways to wear ankle boots (that’s why, you know, EVERYONE loves them). So, we would like to shine a light on three of the most popular style of ankle boots and the tips and tricks to incorporating them into you very own wardrobe, so you can reap the rewards of this super stylish shoe.

The Heeled Ankle Boot

skorts ankle boot autumn fall street stylemaxi dress ankle boots street style

A heeled ankle boot will really go the distance all year round. Pair them with dresses, jeans, shorts, tights and anything else you can think of! We love them worked casually with black skorts, patterned tights and your favourite parker. A heeled boot will look lovely with dresses too. Weather its daytime chic with a maxi dress like the one above, or something a little more elegant during the evening.

The Classic Ankle Boot

ankle boot boyfriend jeans street style

print dress ankle boots street style

An absolute wardrobe staple. Seriously.

Go with a masculine vibe and chuck on with boyfriend jeans and your favourite t-shirt. This will keep things casual but stylish and, of course, keep you comfortable. Bold prints will still be a huge fashion hit throughout Autumn ’14 like a floral dress (and chuck a nice beige swing coat over the top for warmth). A classic ankle boot will anchor a bold print and work all the way through autumn, winter and beyond. Feel free to experiment with print on pants, jackets or scarves – and your ankle boots will go with it all!

Embellished Ankle Boots

blue grey boots and blue jeans

autumn fall fashion ideas blue bootsMore punch than your average ankle boot, yet no less versatile – a boot with studs and embellishment will add attitude and style points to any outfit. Don’t be afraid to pair these boots with a cute and ladylike skirt, especially in a similar colour tone (like the blue in the blue and white skirt above) as well as more masculine pieces like jeans and blazers. The blue hue also works wonderfully with a contrast (like the burgundy hat!).

This goes to show – how you accessorize your outfits will go a long way to defining them. How do you rock your wardrobe with ankle boots?

Buy any of these beautiful Italian ankle boots online at cherri bellini here!

how to wear ankle boots, black leather

Dyva: Leather heeled ankle boot with metallic heel detail. $495  ankle boots leather black

Dyva: Black leather ankle boot. $4752015

Gwen: Studded ankle boot. $279 

How to wear loafers

how to wear loafers and drivershow to wear loafers

Curious to try this new staple shoe or have you already fallen in love with the loafer and looking for inspiration? We look at some of the easy ways to work your loafers and look cool while you do it! Comfort and style? Bring it on!

1. With Jeans


Tried and tested and still a hit fashion wise. Loafers and jeans love each other because they are both classics and they are both comfortable without looking sloppy. We love to pair our skinny jeans with a masculine inspired button up top to keep things neat and tidy – but think of all the possibilities! Blazers, tank tops, silky shirts, kaftans – the list is endless! Effortless style for shopping outings, coffee runs and in general looking great with minimal effort.

2. With dresses


The masculine style loafer will also look awesome when paired with feminine items such as silk dresses or cute skirts and t-shirts. Again with the whole effortless thing here – you will feel cool and casual with your loafers and dress combo and yet this look will take you anywhere from daytime to drinks, dinners and even events like garden parties.

3. With Harem pants


Harem pants are a great way to make a bold statement – pick a print or colour you love and wear them all year round. For example: maybe you need something casual but cool for the school run? Or even those days when you would rather be wearing pyjamas (but need to venture outside the house)? Loafers work with their cool aesthetic and keep you comfortable. Whether you go for a baggy pant or something more tailored (and dapper) you can’t go wrong throwing your loafers on with them too!

4. With something dressy


We are thinking this is a perfect look for hitting up the Fringe Festival on a warm balmy night that calls for something a little bit special but an outfit which is also practical. What a good excuse to get out some of those party dresses that often get overlooked when attending something a little more casual!

suede loafers Italian made

Riccardo Banfi $250

Riccardo Banfi $250

Riccardo Banfi $250

Head on over to our website here to check out our full range of Italian leather loafers and start your loafer styling!

Love the loafer totin’ cherri girls

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Style tips for the Party Season!

We are in full silly season swing here at cherri bellini, and we can bet you are too! And we have just the shoes in store to get you though this busy, festive period in style.

Want to make the most out of a new pair of shoes, but not sure how? Check out our styling tips below on some of our favourite shoes, to see how you can take a shoe from day to night, event to drinks and corporate cool to daytime casual.

Happy holidays!

The Statement Stiletto


Talk about knock-out! Make the shoe the focus piece and keep accessories to a minimum. We love this heel with a shift dress and simple accessories for a dressy Christmas party or a night out. pink-shift Go for a more casual look (did somebody say drinks with the girls?) and pair with jeans and a silk shirt. And there you have it!jeans

The Bright Wedge


Take your wedge through its paces with an awesome race day appropriate outfit, or rock this pretty, slimline wedge with a floaty summer dress. Wedges are the easiest shoe to dress up and down – so have fun! Outdoor parties, ’tis the season, the wedge is the perfect way to get some height without sinking into the grass! Go for a a slim line wedge for a dressier look with the benefit of the comfort of the wedge.


Pair your wedge with a bright dress for the ultimate summer outfit which would work for coffee catch-ups, lunches and would look lovely for a Christmas day BBQ. Equally the slim line style and elegant look of this wedge dresses up perfectly with a long play-suit or dress and up-do for an outing like the the races or a chic summer party.polo

The Court Shoe


Heels don’t have to be sky high. There are some beautiful low heeled shoes available these days and if you aren’t comfortable in your shoes you won’t enjoy yourself! Stay low for understated sophistication for events like after work drinks or that dreaded ‘smart casual’ theme.


We love this tan court shoe paired back with a simple colour scheme like olive green, black and beige, but will work with so many different summer colours – think blues, pinks and of course white! Don’t feel like this shoe will only work for the corporate things hanging in your wardrobe either. For the very reason you love them for work (think comfort, style and easy to pair back with all your clothes) this little baby will rock an off-duty look too.

All the beautiful shoes featured in this post are available now at cherri bellini! Jump on over to our online store for a closer look HERE!

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How To Wear: The Coloured Shoe

You’ve embraced the colourful busy print that is so popular this season and gone ahead and bought yourself a dress/top/skirt in one of these awesome prints. Now you need shoes. You’ve even managed to summon up the courage to go a bit crazy and get a coloured shoe to go with said print instead of going the safe black or neutral option. You found the dream shoe. You love it and it loves your dress/top/skirt. BUT – what else will you wear them with? Can you justify this seemingly limited shoe choice? Will they end up in the back of the wardrobe only to be dragged out only when you wear this one patterned garment?

Well, let us reassure you that YES, yes you can justify that gorge shoe because there are a myriad of other easy wears to rock a pop of colour this season and here’s how…

Example 1: The orange heel…


Print dress

Looks amazing!

But what else can you wear this statement shoe with?

Colour blocking:

orange dress orange heels

This is one of the easiest trends to work this season, with all that great colour in stores! The easiest way to think about colour blocking is by creating your outfit from blocks of colour in either tonally similar shades or opposite shades. Orange would also work beautifully with yellows, pinks and reds (near orange on the colour wheel) or pop against blues, greens and purples (colours which are opposite orange on the colour wheel). Or for a truly knock-out look try the head to toe look like this tangerine statement, keeping it simple with accessories and hair.

With jeans:


So easy! So comfy! Jeans go with everything. And yes, that includes your awesome new brightly heued shoes! If you don’t have a t-shirt with a flash of a similar colour to your shoes in it (like this navy shirt with a pop of orange) just go with something plain in either black, white or (you got it) a similar shade! Equally match an element of your accessories or make-up to your shoes, for colour that is not too over the top.

 Don’t like colour standing out too much?                                                   Connect it through with a nail polish or lipstick tone and a statement neck piece.


With a LBD:

black orange

Oh the little black dress! Which only looks amazing with black or neutral shoes right? WRONG! This is an ideal opportunity to work a colour pop, without even trying – or thinking! Work the colour through the accessories or just let the coloured shoes do all the talking. And let the compliments roll in…

Example 2: The green shoe…

Cherri_Sept_Heels-134print pants pumped shoes onlyAll white (…almost):

white pumped green

As we discerning fashionistas know, white is THE colour of the season (wait, does it count as a colour?). Whether colour or not, white is a great way to look chic and summer fresh, and what better way to work it, than with a coloured heel. The colour pop heel anchors the bright white colour and adds interest.

With boyfriend jeans:


The comfortable and casual look of boyfriend jeans is just screaming for a lady like heel! Denim is also the perfect opportunity to work in some colour because, and we have already mentioned this but it needs to be reiterated, denim goes with everything!

These ideas are the tip of the iceberg. Once you begin to look at your new coloured shoes differently, your wardrobe will become a gold mine of choice for colour blocking and amping up or down the colour factor of the shoes. Have some fun!

To grab yourself a pair of these beautiful bright shoes (or any of our other amazing Italian shoes) head on over to!

Love from the colour loving cherri girls

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How to Wear: The Gold Sandal

gold roman style sandal street styleCherriB_Sept-58

A little dazzle goes a long way in a summer wardrobe, and these sandals are a perfect way to add a dash of the metallic trend in the most wearable way. Here we go through the top style choices for these gold sandals for summer

1. With a White Summer Dress

white dress gold sandals street style

Hand in hand with this season’s metallic trend is the colour white. A white dress or outfit choice is the perfect compliment to an elegant metallic shoe and works for so many occasions. This is a great look for hitting the shops, heading out for coffee and that perfect nonchalant ensemble for evening drinks as the gold dresses up beautifully for night time events. Just chuck on some gold jewellery and your favourite clutch and you’re good to go!

2. With Blue Jeans

jeans and sandals

This wardrobe staple looks amazing with gold sandals. Opulent and chic, this lovely sandal is a great way to add some sparkle to a favourite and easy outfit, while keeping things cool and casual. Keep this look in mind for cooler nights too! Just pair with a blazer and a bright silky top.

3. Keeping It Short

denim shorts and gold sandals street style

Sandals and shorts, the epitome of summer. Update your shorts with some woven metallic sandals like these and stay comfortable and chic all day long. This is perfect for a trip to the beach – just think of that sunshine and sand!

4. With a Bold Print

floral print jumpsuit 70's and gold sandals street style

As much as monochrome is dominating the catwalks for spring/summer, the bold print is just as popular with strong florals and bright geometrics splashing their way across the seasonal canvas. Team a strong print with a metallic sandal for casual cool with a side serve of sophisticated lady.

Head in to cherri bellini or jump online and grab yourself a pair of these lovely sandals now at!

How To Wear Wedges | Summer

how to wear wedges

Us cherri girls love a wedge heel for a number of reasons – and chances are you are the same! First up, it’s a comfort thing. The entire base of the shoe in contact with the ground which means more stability, less pain for the balls of your feet and way (way) easier to walk in than a stiletto. Secondly is how well they go from day-time style to night-time chic. Breezy and casual throughout the day then jazz them up for dancing all night. This type of shoe works hard! Lastly (although we could go on forever), the wedge was made popular in Italy thanks to the amazing Salvatore Ferragamo in the 1930’s. Seriously, can Italy get any better at this whole shoe business? We love Italian shoes!

nicole warne blake lively lily kwong jpg

Babes like Nicole Warne, Lily Kwong and Blake Lively love wedges in summer!

So we all love the wedge and we all know about their versatility, but what exactly can you style yours with? They tend toward the more casual side, but can easily work for cocktails, garden weddings and dates. Read on for our styling tips for one of the most versatile shoes in your wardrobe….

Maxi dresses and skirts: Easy to style and effortlessly works with the casual but stylish ways of the wedge. Amp up the boho feeling with bangles and a necklace. This look works for daytime but also looks lovely come cocktails or garden maxi tan wedges red dress tan wedges closeup

Marcopizzi Wedge $250

Skinny Jeans: A wardrobe staple themselves, skinny jeans will pair perfectly with a nice wedge heel. Both casual enough for daytime antics, like shopping and coffee dates, or go the wax look denim and a silk shirt to dress the whole outfit up! We like to layer our jeans and wedges too – like this baggy dress in a nice neutral cream to go shopping.

nude wedges and jeans nude wedge wtih light jeans

Chocola nude wedge $195

Middi length callots or skirts: One of the coolest lengths this season is the ‘middy’ or mid length skirt – or in this case, callots. Flowing and feminine, this silhouette works well with a bit of extra height which wedges will add, and also help anchor the floating feel of the look. Summery and fresh!

Tiph yellow wedges

yellow wedges

Pixy Wedge $195

Tapered pants: A chic casual look: wedges will pair perfectly with your tapered pants. Whether you are going for a compliment to a print, like this lush tan and jungle print combo or different colour schemes, wedges look beautiful with pants. They also help to make a corporate pant look daytime casual, or help dress up a pair of harem pants. An elegant day time look, that will have you looking good for sporadic evening drinks.

tan wedges floral pants

tan wedges printed pants

Chocola wedge $195

Overalls: Rep one of the best trends to come back from the 90’s – the overalls. Overalls will overpower a dainty shoe like a kitten heel, and a stiletto will ruin the casual ease of baggy denim – the perfect solution? The wedge! We love this bright red against the blue of the denim – summer perfection.

overalls red wedgesred wedges

Pixy wedge $165

With shorts: Nothing says summer like wedges and a pair of shorts! We love this statement floral print wedge thrown on with black shorts and a denim shirt, topped with a blazer. Cool, calm and collected and your legs will look like they go on forever!

floral blue wedges blue floral wedges close

Chocola floral wedge $195

With wide legged or pillazo pants: This is one chic pair of pants, oh so popular in the 70’s. To strike a boho vibe, pair them with a wedge: and you have yourself a chic look for day or night. floral wedges floral wedges closeup

Chocola floral wedge $195

With summer dresses: Printed, floaty, white, long short. Wedges love summer dresses! Don’t be afraid to pop some colour this season and embrace the bright sun shiny vibe of al the crazy summer prints that are gracing the shelves this wedges orange wedge closeup

Marcopizzi orange wedge $250

Need some wedges with your summer wardrobe? cherri bellini has you covered! This red wedge is one of our favourites, and is available online HERE!

CherriB_Sept-80Pixy Red cut out wedge, available at cherri bellini, $165

Love the cherri girls x x