How to wear Brogues: THE new and improved edition!

Brogues, Brogues, Brogues!


They’ve been around for many years and well, we’ve all seen them around. We’ve seen them on the street. We’ve seen them in our favourite shop window. We’ve seen them on really cool looking peoples feet and we’ve all lusted after this look for ourselves.

Not sure how you can incorporate a brogue into your wardrobe? Well look no further!

There’s the usual advice. For instance – ‘how to wear brogues with dresses or pants’, etc but how about taking it that 1 step further?

Lets take this all the way.

Here is your ultimate guide to wearing brogues different! Cherri bellini Italian street style different! And don’t think you cant do this – everyone can wear brogues its up to you how you wear them – the bolder the statement the better!

(Or however you like – its totally up to you.)

Lets go!

1. Bold and beautiful: colour me all the ways!


Make the brogue the focal point. Its all about wearing your footwear as the star attraction. Don’t be afraid to buy a brogue in a  crazy bright colour. Whats that I hear you say? You dont wear red, or yellow or green so how can you wear a brogue with nothing to match it?

That is the POINT!

No need to match when its the shoes that sing. Repeat after me – the brighter the better! The bolder the better!



2. Super dressy.

As in black tie dressy: patent and metallic all the way!


Remember when you were little and your patent mary-jane shoes were ONLY for those special occasions? Nothing much has changed if you ask us. Except wearing your special shoes all the time but lets not regress here!

Patent and metallic leather equals dressy in our opinion and if its dressy you want, patent leather is what you should get.

FullSizeRender (1)


3. The clash.

Here is our advice – put on your favourite outfit that you would normally wear with say,  your favourite flat strappy sandals or a cute high heel, actually put it on. Like right now.


See, that was easy right?! The key here is to put an outfit together, whatever it is, and pair with brogues for an instant street feel.

If at any point you think a particular outfit wont suit a brogue, then challenge yourself to see it a different way.

Break the rules. We dare you.FullSizeRender26.jpg


FullSizeRender (2)

4. Classic with a twist.

Twist the tried and tested basic brogue and lift the look with some super fun laces and different coloured fringes!

(We sell gold and silver metallic fringes and they are awesome fun!)

Or take it one step further and invest in a classic brogue shape – but with a metallic finish!



Fashion should be fun, effortless and ultimately an extension of you.

Do what you want.

Dress how you feel.

Break the rules.

We do. You should too. Have fun!








Festival footwear.


We trust if you live in Adelaide and/or enjoy the combination of music, fairy lights and creative energy then you’ll know that it is festival season in our wee little city of churches.

Where do you start?

Who do you see?

What do you do?

There’re late nights in The Garden of Unearthly Delights, many games of croquet at the Royal Croquet Club, the crown jewel that is Womadelaide as well as bars and restaurants filled with musos, comedians, improv theater and everything in between.

With so many decisions to make this Mad March, why not let us take care of the ever important footwear dilemmas? We’re ready to help and have some super jazzy styles to take you from the grassy knolls of the Garden to the rooftop bars of the night!

Yes, ok? You ready for our Mad March suggestions? Here we go then…

The Penny Loafer

Penny Loafers are a great slip on option for those sophisticated shows in the numerous marquees sprouting up in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. They’re perfect for the smart gals who like style to be easy and on trend, as well as super comfortable. Sunny afternoons spent rolling about on the lawns of the Botanic Gardens with a cheeky friend or wine (or both!), are made immeasurably better with a pair of these on your feet.

Great to wear with everything, from your summer frocks to your casual jeans!

Wedge Sandals



Perfect for those late night jaunts when you want to grab a drink or two after a show. You want a heel but also that absolute comfort that will take you places all night, and we’re not about to make you compromise. Our summer season wedges are not only on sale, but they’re that comfortable that you could wear them forever!

Wear with skirts and skinny jeans or cuffed boyfriend jeans- throw them on and you’re ready to roll!


A go-to enclosed shoe for those unexpected summer showers that pop up each year in Adelaide around Mad March! Wear with anything, as you would the Penny Loafer and Wedge Sandal.  Jump into your brogues for an edgy look – juxtapose sweet dresses and floaty shirts and tunics with the masculinity of the cherri bellini style brogues. Make a statement.


So if you’re feeling just a little bit ill prepared, think of cherri bellini when your feet start to get a little tired – we’ve got the lot! See you at the Garden.


xx cb girls xx




Top 10 ways to wear brogues

how to wear brogues

Welcome to the comprehensive top ten ways to wear the shoe of the moment: brogues. We cherri girls LOVE our brogues. Once you have a pair you will realise the style options made available by their comfort and versatility – and, quite frankly- with all the compliments you will get, you will never want to take them off! If you are new to the brogue thing, or are looking for an update on the multitude of things you can wear with you trusty brogues, here is the cherri girl’s guide to the top 10 ways to style your brogues.

1. Jeans keep it nice, simple and stylish with jeans and brogues. They will go with basically every pair of jeans (even the coloured ones). Skinny, boot cut and baggy. Have some fun but enjoy this default easy combo. Pair with a blazer for chic, a bomber jacket for cool and winter coat and scarf for warmth. Roll up skinny jeans for a chic preppy look.

jeans, jacket and brogues

2. Shorts Fear not the brogue in the warmer weather, it works so well all through the year! Alexa Chung rocks her black brogues with a simple colour scheme and casual hair.

alexa in shorts brogues

3. Dresses and Skirts Unlike many people believe, brogues are not just reserved for guy inspired style, they also look amazing with girly outfits – adding that perfect blend of dapper to any dress or skirt. We love this polka dot dress for a pretty, summery vibe.

dress with brogues

4. Masculine Inspired Comfort and style all rolled into one! Steal some clothes from your boyfriend with loose jeans, chunky knit and a blazer, and add the cherry on top with a pair of brogues. Nonchalant, yet so very cool.

masculine inspired brogues

5. Tailored Pants This is a great look to take you from office, to drinks, to lunch and to soirees. Elegant, yet easy to wear and never overdressed, the brogues and pants combo is a must! Get you ankles out for an on trend feel if your game!

tapered trousers and brogues

6. With Stockings – Brogues rock because you can wear them without socks and stockings (like below) but unlike sandals and some high heels you also get to style them through the cold winters with your tights! Opaque, sheer, patterned or coloured – its all fair game with your brogues.

brogues and tights

7. Winter Layers – Whether its warm winter skirts or toastie woollen pants with your favourite coat on top, keep it sleek with a pair of brogues.winter skirt and brogues

8. The Statement – Grab yourself a bright pair of brogues, like metallic, patent or white and reap the compliment rewards. Go all out like this floral print blazer and silver combo, with jeans rolled up for maximum punch. We love an all over colour look with statement coloured brogues too!

statement brogues silver

9. With Socks – For the brave brogue wearers out there, try a pair of patterned socks, either with shorts or the slightly easier with rolled up pants. Cool, striking and a bit more fun than your average ankle freeze! If patterned isn’t your thing, how about knee high socks, baring just a little leg, like Alexa Chung below.

printed socks and broguessocks and brogues

10. Dressed Up The great thing about brogues is their ability to dress up and down. Don’t be afraid of going for the comfortable flat option if you have a nice and dressy occasion. Because you don’t have to wear them with tights or socks, they look beautiful with ladylike dresses for any occasion. Even if you wanted to dress them up with a tailored suit as opposed to a dress! Really – your imagination is the limit with beautifully versatile brogues!

beige brogues - dressed up

Fancy yourself some brogues now? We thought so! Here are our favourite brogues this season! All available at cherri bellini HERE!

brogues available at cherri1. Pascucci 2. Pascucci 3. Pascucci 

You can’t deny a two-tone…EVER!

Some of you may remember a post where we declared a cherri house rule that ‘Red shoes are awesome’. Well here’s rule number two. ‘You can’t deny a two-tone. EVER!’.

This has been true for many, many years and has taken many, many shapes and forms, pretty much since the emergence of the now forever classic, Chanel ballet flat.

A two-tone is always striking, a little bit interesting and just more fun, really, than a block tone. Quiet often seen in relatively neutral incarnations such as black and white, beige and black, white and navy, etc, they remain easy to work back into many outfits. In fact we are going to go as far as to say, put them with ANYTHING and you will witness the truth that is ‘you can’t deny a two-tone.’ They just work.

Our most recent revival of the two-tone can be seen in the superbly awesome black and white brogue. Like these ones..

Pascucci $195

These are mine though, you can’t have these ones but you can get your own pair from us here. :)

The glory of the two-tone brogue dates well back but is probably most associated with the likes of Fred Astaire, like he is here, in all his glory with the lovely Rita Hayworth…

Or with fast and furious swing dancing like these guys…..

Luckily these days though you can rock some brogues without having to be an excellent dancer.

Here’s some ideas of what to sport your black and white’s with, but really  they are only limited by your sense of fun and the attitude you throw!

You could go pretty and lacey…

You could do the masculine thing like Twiggy in the 1970’s ( loves it, btw!)…

twiggy villeneuve brogues

Sleek and modern, no fuss no muss…

Or rock ’em on up with some boyfrienders and a leather jacket..

If you get really brave we recommend moving up a level and taking on these beauties!

Pascucci $195 

Even SJP is into them and she’s a girl who knows her shoes!

So there you go.

Rule 1. Red shoes are awesome

Rule 2. You can’t deny a two-tone. EVER!

More gospel to come. ;)