How to wear Brogues: THE new and improved edition!

Brogues, Brogues, Brogues!


They’ve been around for many years and well, we’ve all seen them around. We’ve seen them on the street. We’ve seen them in our favourite shop window. We’ve seen them on really cool looking peoples feet and we’ve all lusted after this look for ourselves.

Not sure how you can incorporate a brogue into your wardrobe? Well look no further!

There’s the usual advice. For instance – ‘how to wear brogues with dresses or pants’, etc but how about taking it that 1 step further?

Lets take this all the way.

Here is your ultimate guide to wearing brogues different! Cherri bellini Italian street style different! And don’t think you cant do this – everyone can wear brogues its up to you how you wear them – the bolder the statement the better!

(Or however you like – its totally up to you.)

Lets go!

1. Bold and beautiful: colour me all the ways!


Make the brogue the focal point. Its all about wearing your footwear as the star attraction. Don’t be afraid to buy a brogue in a  crazy bright colour. Whats that I hear you say? You dont wear red, or yellow or green so how can you wear a brogue with nothing to match it?

That is the POINT!

No need to match when its the shoes that sing. Repeat after me – the brighter the better! The bolder the better!



2. Super dressy.

As in black tie dressy: patent and metallic all the way!


Remember when you were little and your patent mary-jane shoes were ONLY for those special occasions? Nothing much has changed if you ask us. Except wearing your special shoes all the time but lets not regress here!

Patent and metallic leather equals dressy in our opinion and if its dressy you want, patent leather is what you should get.

FullSizeRender (1)


3. The clash.

Here is our advice – put on your favourite outfit that you would normally wear with say,  your favourite flat strappy sandals or a cute high heel, actually put it on. Like right now.


See, that was easy right?! The key here is to put an outfit together, whatever it is, and pair with brogues for an instant street feel.

If at any point you think a particular outfit wont suit a brogue, then challenge yourself to see it a different way.

Break the rules. We dare you.FullSizeRender26.jpg


FullSizeRender (2)

4. Classic with a twist.

Twist the tried and tested basic brogue and lift the look with some super fun laces and different coloured fringes!

(We sell gold and silver metallic fringes and they are awesome fun!)

Or take it one step further and invest in a classic brogue shape – but with a metallic finish!



Fashion should be fun, effortless and ultimately an extension of you.

Do what you want.

Dress how you feel.

Break the rules.

We do. You should too. Have fun!








One shoe, three looks for the party season.

One shoe, three looks

Donna Loka by Marcopizzi,  Italian leather flat sandal $90

It’s coming up party season and maybe you can’t have a different pair of shoes for every party/B.B.Q./get together that you are going to (wouldn’t that just be the life!), so you need to make one or two do all the jobs for you.

May we present the comfy flat option. Or Plan S (for sandal).

A flat sandal like the one above can take you to an office Christmas party when paired back with a simple black outfit like a cool summer jumpsuit. Jazz it up with a blingy clutch bag and you are comfortable, stylish, classy and definitely not under dressed in any way.

Valentino Resort 2012 Collection _1

Valentino Resort Collection 2012

Day time function? Maybe something on grass? Do not fall prey to the idea that heels on grass is a good look. Struggling to keep your balance (and your dignity) while you core the lawn is no easy feat and should be avoided at all costs or left to the professionals! Outdoors should be handled in flats or wedges whenever possible!

Work your flats back with a cute skirt, maybe some stripes and a colourful bag, just for funzies!

Charlotte Dawson and Simmone Holtznagel, working stripes and flats at Paspaley Polo in the City, Sydney

Justify getting those metallic shorts you have had your eye on by knowing you can dress them down. Metallic finishes are no longer just for evenings or very dressy events. They work really well with a more casual vibe too. Throw them back with your flats and an oversized bag to bring them down a notch or two, then dial them back up with heels and some bling when you need to. Early evening soiree, sorted.

Karen Elson works some metallic sparkle back with a ballet flat at the Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit in New York

See, one little sandal, multiple outfits, looks and events! Hello party season! :)

Get the look: Karla Spetic

Karla Spetic by Luke Bryne

Karla Spetic by Luke Bryne for Pages Digital

Minimalism is a word that’s been thrown around so often it’s become a fashion platitude. While very few people actually subscribe to minimalist style, everybody needs a few key minimalist items. We are obsessed with these shoes by Riccardo Banfi ($325), and so are you, it seems, given that we’ve sold half of our stock within a week of getting them in store! With a metallic heel, patent leather straps and a big dose of pure sex appeal, they’d go perfectly with prints and tomboy-ish silhouettes.

camel strappy heelsblack strappy heels