Festival footwear.


We trust if you live in Adelaide and/or enjoy the combination of music, fairy lights and creative energy then you’ll know that it is festival season in our wee little city of churches.

Where do you start?

Who do you see?

What do you do?

There’re late nights in The Garden of Unearthly Delights, many games of croquet at the Royal Croquet Club, the crown jewel that is Womadelaide as well as bars and restaurants filled with musos, comedians, improv theater and everything in between.

With so many decisions to make this Mad March, why not let us take care of the ever important footwear dilemmas? We’re ready to help and have some super jazzy styles to take you from the grassy knolls of the Garden to the rooftop bars of the night!

Yes, ok? You ready for our Mad March suggestions? Here we go then…

The Penny Loafer

Penny Loafers are a great slip on option for those sophisticated shows in the numerous marquees sprouting up in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. They’re perfect for the smart gals who like style to be easy and on trend, as well as super comfortable. Sunny afternoons spent rolling about on the lawns of the Botanic Gardens with a cheeky friend or wine (or both!), are made immeasurably better with a pair of these on your feet.

Great to wear with everything, from your summer frocks to your casual jeans!

Wedge Sandals



Perfect for those late night jaunts when you want to grab a drink or two after a show. You want a heel but also that absolute comfort that will take you places all night, and we’re not about to make you compromise. Our summer season wedges are not only on sale, but they’re that comfortable that you could wear them forever!

Wear with skirts and skinny jeans or cuffed boyfriend jeans- throw them on and you’re ready to roll!


A go-to enclosed shoe for those unexpected summer showers that pop up each year in Adelaide around Mad March! Wear with anything, as you would the Penny Loafer and Wedge Sandal.  Jump into your brogues for an edgy look – juxtapose sweet dresses and floaty shirts and tunics with the masculinity of the cherri bellini style brogues. Make a statement.


So if you’re feeling just a little bit ill prepared, think of cherri bellini when your feet start to get a little tired – we’ve got the lot! See you at the Garden.


xx cb girls xx





How to wear loafers

how to wear loafers and drivershow to wear loafers

Curious to try this new staple shoe or have you already fallen in love with the loafer and looking for inspiration? We look at some of the easy ways to work your loafers and look cool while you do it! Comfort and style? Bring it on!

1. With Jeans


Tried and tested and still a hit fashion wise. Loafers and jeans love each other because they are both classics and they are both comfortable without looking sloppy. We love to pair our skinny jeans with a masculine inspired button up top to keep things neat and tidy – but think of all the possibilities! Blazers, tank tops, silky shirts, kaftans – the list is endless! Effortless style for shopping outings, coffee runs and in general looking great with minimal effort.

2. With dresses


The masculine style loafer will also look awesome when paired with feminine items such as silk dresses or cute skirts and t-shirts. Again with the whole effortless thing here – you will feel cool and casual with your loafers and dress combo and yet this look will take you anywhere from daytime to drinks, dinners and even events like garden parties.

3. With Harem pants


Harem pants are a great way to make a bold statement – pick a print or colour you love and wear them all year round. For example: maybe you need something casual but cool for the school run? Or even those days when you would rather be wearing pyjamas (but need to venture outside the house)? Loafers work with their cool aesthetic and keep you comfortable. Whether you go for a baggy pant or something more tailored (and dapper) you can’t go wrong throwing your loafers on with them too!

4. With something dressy


We are thinking this is a perfect look for hitting up the Fringe Festival on a warm balmy night that calls for something a little bit special but an outfit which is also practical. What a good excuse to get out some of those party dresses that often get overlooked when attending something a little more casual!

suede loafers Italian made

Riccardo Banfi $250

Riccardo Banfi $250

Riccardo Banfi $250

Head on over to our website here to check out our full range of Italian leather loafers and start your loafer styling!

Love the loafer totin’ cherri girls

x x

Trend Alert – How Do You Rock Your Overalls?

So you’ve worked out that you love overalls and are all over this trend and the 90’s revival thing.

You’ve worked out you have the right awesome vintage tee for underneath, with a bangin’ leather jacket, or that you prefer a crisp shirt with blazer overall combo but the one burning question remains…..what shoes do you wear???

So glad you asked, sometimes (most times) pictures are better than words, so look and learn my friends and follow along with our friendly ‘get the look’ suggestions. So many options!! :)

pop some colour

1. ‘cherri bellini’ loafers   2.  ‘Pascucci’ brogues   3. ‘Criss’ ballet flats

ankle boots

1. ‘Keep’ ankle boot   2. ‘Keep’ lace-up boot 3. ‘Pascucci’ suede ankle boot


1. ‘Chocola’ strappy heels 2. ‘Emilio Pucci’ heels 3. ‘cherri bellini’ loafers

Tinker tailor

1. ‘Mira & Bella’ oxford pumps 2. ‘Mira & Bella’ smoking slippers 3. ‘Mira & Bella’ pumps

So there you go, just a few ideas to get you started. Enjoy romping around in your overalls! We certainly shall! :)

Love from the overall-diggin cherri girls x x

The Loafer Trend

The Loafer Trend

We at cherri bellini whole heartedly endorse being comfortable while staying sophisticated. High heels are indeed one of the most fabulous things to grace the earth – but of course not all of us can wear them all day, all week, all the time (or even for longer than a couple of hours in some peoples cases, *ahem* mine). To keep you looking fresh, polished and on your feet; enter the loafer. Dubbed as the new ballet flat, these bad boys will see you through work, socialising and beyond. Sweet!

A bit unsure how to wear a shoe that looks more at home in the boudoir? We hear you! But don’t stress. They are so very versatile, and perfectly wearable all through the year, including the Australian summer. Pair with shorts, skinny jeans, dresses (maxi, middy or mini) or any thing inspired by menswear also fits the bill, since they were originally a men’s shoe. Feeling daring? Rock the pyjama look and throw them on with billowing silk pants, or even the matching suit. Cue inspiration!

How to wear loafers, street style

How to wear loafers, street style

How to wear loafers, street stylePyjama trend, street style

Here is our pick of the bunch. Keeping it simple and chic in a neutral, with a dose of attitude in the studded front (and for only $70 ;)).


Studded loafers, how to wear loafers, street style

Get loafering! Love the cherri girls x x