How to Organise Your Shoes

Are you getting to the point where your shoe cupboard looks more like a bag of mixed lollies? With spring just around the corner, us cherri girls have spring cleaning on our mind and we are here to help. With our 5 steps to a perfect shoe-drobe we will soon have your shoe collection looking fabulous!

how to organise your shoes jpg

1. Group:  Keep similar heel heights, colours and styles together. This will make it easier to find pairs and also look better. This could also indicate what types of shoes could benefit from a cull (that kind of shoe you go for every time!) and what styles you might need, ie: you have plenty of ballet flats but no mid range heels. Some of the groups you may want to sort into include: flats, medium heels, high heels, work shoes, loafers, closed toe, sandals, sports shoes, walking shoes and boots.

organised shoe wall

Wow! Shoe envy or what!

2. Sort into seasons and clear clutter: Now that you have all the similar styles together sort by rate of use or season, which will help congestion and give you some more space! Winter shoes can go into storage while it is summer and visa versa. If you don’t have an area for off season shoes: make one! Hint: use harder to reach space such as under the bed or the top shelves in your wardrobe.

3. Purge! Be harsh, be strong. This is one of the greatest things you can do for your wardrobe, since all the shoes you no longer wear or dislike wont be clogging all the beautiful shoes you may be failing to notice! Get together all the shoes you have not worn in the last year, and seriously consider whether you still want to wear them. Ask yourself: Is there a similar pair that you wear over these? Are they too high? Not the perfect shade? Would you buy them if you were the store right now? No? Well, get rid of them (don’t trash them, donate them to a charity or a willing friend ;) ).

4: Show them Off! Take  in-season shoes out of their boxes display on clean shelves, evenly spaced. The most important thing about any type of organisation is the visual. Work it so you can SEE your shoes when making an outfit selection, and make life that much easier!

organised shoes bookcase with glass windows

We love this converted bookcase with clear windows for displaying shoes!

5. Get Creative and use the space you have: We don’t all have a room dedicated to shoes (one day *sigh*) so we need to make the most of the space we have, keeping in mind the previous step. Whether that means creating more room or getting creative about displaying. Think about putting flats in smaller spaces like cupboard floors and under clothes – or try a hanging shoe holder. Hang from the back of a suitable cupboard or door, and hey presto! Instant organisation!

Same goes for cheeky footstools that store shoes in plain sight (and double as a seat when you put you’re putting them on too!). Maybe you have a book shelve that could be better put to displaying your shoes? Or fancy the rustic look of old fruit boxes that could be used as storage and displaying? Check out the pictures below for some awesome ideas to get the creative vibes going!

how to organise your shoes

how to organise your shoes creative personalised footstool shoe storage

ladder for shoe storage display creative

Once you have it all organised with a system in place – it will be easier to keep it that way. Enjoy your fabulous updated shoe wardrobe! Maybe you need to fill in a few spaces? Head over to our website to check out the latest beautiful Italian shoes we have in ;). All that hard work needs rewarding…

Love the cherri girls x x